National Committee on Biomedical Engineering (NCBME)

Biomedical engineering is the multidisciplinary field concerning engineering research, developments and applications in (bio)medicine. It advances knowledge in Engineering, Biology and Medicine, and improves human health through cross-disciplinary activities that integrate engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice. Some of the well established speciality areas within the field of Biomedical Engineering are: bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials, system physiology, clinical engineering, ergonomics and rehabilitation engineering. More information about Biomedical Engineering can be found in an article about innovative healthcare (Dutch version, French version).

Goals of the NCBME

The Belgian National Committee on Biomedical Engineering aims to bring together the Belgian academics, students, researchers and professionals, active in the broad field of Biomedical Engineering. More specifically, the main goals of the NCBME are:

  • Stimulating scientific and educational actions in biomedical engineering
  • Linking them with international organisations and societies
  • Representing the Belgian point of view on biomedical engineering
  • Setting up a contact platform between interested students, alumni and professionals
  • Promotion of biomedical engineering

Members of the NCBME

The board members of the NCBME are:

  • Pascal Verdonck (Chairman)
  • Jean Delbeke (Vice Chairman)
  • Marc Nyssen (Secretary)
  • Serge Brimioulle
  • Jan Cornelis
  • Stefaan Vandenberghe
  • Antoine Nonclercq
  • Laurent Francis
  • Philippe Kolh
  • Philippe Lefèvre
  • Ignace Lemahieu
  • Sabine Van Huffel
  • Jos Vander Sloten
  • Floris Wuyts
  • Charlotte Debbaut

Honorary Members are:

  • René Bourgain
  • Manuel Paiva
  • Claude Veraart
  • Georges Vander Perre

Youngster committee members are:

  • Andrea Menichetti (general organisation)
  • Dries Hendrikx (general organisation, PR)
  • Hugo Smets (practical arrangements)
  • Mahta Mazloumi (finance)
  • Jonathan Dan (website)
  • Tim Bomberna (social media)
  • Mojtaba Barzegari (abstracts)


During my master in Biomedical engineering at the KU Leuven, I got really fascinated by the different kinds of implantable solutions that improved the quality of life of patients. (…) When searching for a job opportunity, I was really eager to work for a company that develops implantable solutions. The first time I came into contact with Cochlear at the National Day of Biomedical Engineering in 2016. After a chat with them (…) I knew that I want to work for Cochlear. (…) After sending my cover letter and CV to their HR department, I had to wait until a job opportunity came up for an electrical engineer (…). In the meantime, I did some interviews with other companies in the biomedical field, but Cochlear remained my number one. Finally, after six months since the first contact, I got the chance to sign a job offer as electrical engineer at Cochlear.

Tom Meeusen, Electrical Engineer at the Cochlear Technology Centre (CTC)

Last year we were looking to expand the team of our young startup company active in patient specific implants. As we were specifically looking for a biomedical engineer, the board of MedTech Flanders advised us to attend the National Day of Biomedical Engineering. Indeed! This day was a great opportunity to attract the students with a big interest in our technology to our stand and have a first chat with tens of them.

A few months later all paperwork was done and now one of the students we’ve met on this day is officially a CADskills member!

Robin Detaille, COO of CADskills