From Sick-Care to Health-Care

Marc Noppen, MD, PhD, serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Brussels’ University Hospital UZ Brussel. He is a pulmonologist by training, and holds a PhD in Health Sciences. He has authored or co-authored more than 145 scientific peer reviewed papers and book chapters, and was visiting professor at various universities and university hospitals (Boston, Montreal, Lille, Perth). He has additional degrees in Pharmaco-Economics (University of Antwerp) and management (INSEAD). He is an associate professor at the Vrije University Brussel, and guest professor in Strategic Hospital Management at the Vlerick Business School Leuven-Gent. Marc serves as a director in a variety of academic and business-related boards.

Professor Dr. Marc Noppen will give a lecture entitled “From Sick-Care to Health-Care”

The story goes that in ancient China doctors were paid for every healthy person in the village, and were “punished” if someone fell sick. In the Western world, and from the turn of the 19th century onwards, medicine as a profession shifted its focus on “curing the diseased” vs “keeping people healthy”. This paradigm is translated perfectly in its rewarding system, which has been (and in our country, still is) mainly “fee for service”, volume based. Doctors (and hospitals) are predominantly paid per intervention on a diseased person. Because of the immense progress in knowledge and med-technical and pharmacological possibilities (and hence, cost!), the demographic evolution towards an elderly multimorbid population, and limited and even restricted budgets, this system is widely considered unsustainable. A paradigm shift towards health promotion and smart prevention, is thought to release enough “wasted” resources to maintain and even endorse the ever-growing possibilities in cure, which together form the true meaning of “value based healthcare”.